The Strangest Place On Earth, Mono Lake, California

mono lake visitor centre

We stumbled upon Mono Lake after our trip to Yosemite National Park and I found myself absolutely in awe of the place. It had such an unusual beauty it drew me in and enveloped me in its spell.

When Mark Twain visited Mono Lake in the 1860s he called it a “lifeless, treeless, hideous desert… the loneliest place on earth.” Yes it probably lacks classic majestic beauty however many people failed to notice the extremely complex and productive ecosystem that Mono Lake has.

Here is my impression of this strange Californian wonder… read more

The W Trek Torres Del Paine – Logistics!

torres del paine w trek chile

W Trek Hiking Gear

The W Trek in Torres Del Paine is up there as one of the highlights of our whole trip! Although throughout the trek we had a love hate relationship with the W at the end we loved it and felt so happy that we have completed the infamous trek! You can read about our full experience here as this post is not about our hike but about all the logistics involved in planning it.

I am sure you,  like us,  will arrive in Puerto Natales overwhelmed with decisions to make about the trek – whether that’s what route, what to pack, what to wear etc so here’s hoping that sharing our info and what we did might help you with yours. Good luck! read more