EXTREME HEAT DANGER – Death Valley National Park, California

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‘’How could rocks and sand and silence make us afraid and yet be so wonderful?’’ Edna Brush Perkins

What is Death Valley like you ask? What is there to do? 

Death Valley is a land of superlatives. It is the bottom of the continent, the furthest extent of heat and drought, and the outer edge of life

HOT – Death Valley is officially the hottest place on earth. It holds the worlds record for hottest air temperature, 134’F (57degrees)

DRY – Death Valley is the driest place in the United States. It gets that distinction by having the lowest average rainfall of any place in the country – less than two inches per year. Some years, there is no rain here at all.

LOW – Badwater Basin, in the heart of Death Valley, is 282 feet below sea level. It’s the lowest point in North America. read more