The Perfect Mexican Holiday – Playa Del Carmen


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We ventured to Mexico on our around the trip for one main reason, snorkelling with Whale Sharks, which was out of this world, however there is actually so many awesome things to do in PDC we ended up staying two weeks. It has it all – it’s got the perfect location being bang in the middle of all the sites, has Plenty to do, beautiful beaches and it’s reasonably priced.

So what is there to do in Playa Del Carmen?

Here’s our top choices for the perfect Mexican holiday: read more

The Time I Nearly Got Eaten By A Whale Shark, Mexico

the largest fish in the sea whale sharks

‘’Mantas mantas’’ our guide and friend Csaba from Encounters shouts, the dark black tips of their wings glide effortlessly through the water kind of scaring you because it looks a bit like a shark fin but phew it wasn’t. We admired the giant beast that was at least 3m in diameter underwater and then we saw another and another, the largest school of mantas we’ve ever seen, they were everywhere. read more