Be Brave In Beijing!

Beijing-city Beijing-travel

Beijing is the first leg of our 11 day tour in China. Being an animal lover, the main purpose of my trip here was to see the Pandas, followed by the Great Wall, a man made wonder of the world. So we decided to do the highlights while we were here. After looking into China a bit more it has some amazing natural beauty which I am looking forward to the most but as for now we have just hit Beijing!

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Impressions of Singapore


When we started to plan our around the world trip I got it in my head that I was more up for seeing nature, national parks, animals, beautiful scenery etc and less for the big cities but being in Singapore has given me a lovely first impression making me open for anything.

Being here I do not feel like a backpacker but feels more like I’m on sex & the city (without the girlfriends and with a guy way hotter than Mr Big) – like I’m on some lovely expensive holiday visiting friends, wining and dining out, getting taxis everywhere, eating amazing foods and drinking cocktails and champagne on rooftop bars, 5 star hotels, apartments with roof top pools… and that I will soon be leaving to head back to London and back to work… the amazing thing obviously is that I’m not and the holiday is not ending here but that just shows the kind of lifestyle ‘expats’ have around here. I mean I am sure you can get a better/real view from them as I am having the tourist experience but it does seem like a lovely lifestyle but they also work pretty hard for it too.

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Top 10 Things To Do In Singapore!

singapore skyline

Singapore Skyline

So you’ve only got a weekend in Singapore? So did we and here’s what we did – and I’d definitely recommend it for you! I had an immediate good first impression of the city.

If you love food, Singapore is definitely the place to visit! If you’ve only got a couple of days here are some suggestions of what to do in Singapore that we really enjoyed.

Luckily we have friends who live out here and were gratefully invited into their homes and stayed with them for a few days. Thank you Mandeep for having us!

1. Hit the East Coast Seafood centre. Here you’ll get some of the best seafood in town from a large variety of restaurants with turquoise sea views…not the best I have seen as the sea is lined with oil tankers but pretty non-the less. We opted for Long Beach restaurant. The menu was quite overwhelming with pages and pages of choices, much of which we had no idea what it was and in the end we ended up ordering Sea Bass, Chilli Crab, Prawns, rice and bread that’s kinda deep fried. The Chilli crab, which seems to be a speciality over here was quite spicy and sweet and I ended up wrist deep in red sauce….it was good but too much sauce for me – and they only give you one paper towel and you have to buy more if you need one… I needed 5. The Sea bass was lovely but again drenched in an oil based sauce, very rich and on the bone (not Matt’s favourite) and the prawns were yummy but anything deep fried is I guess. All in all – great but you only needed one of those meals for 2 people as we ended leaving over half of it. The portions are massive.

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Farewell London…


Wow, it’s finally here. After many months of planning, farewells, excitement, moving, selling up all our furniture and endless shopping tips for the ultimate packing list we’re on our way!  From now on we’re living out of backpacks for a year – eeekk! With very heavy backpacks I might add which was not the plan but only when you go on an around the world trip you will see all the amazing accessories and 12 way dresses you can buy, you won’t be able to resist ;). Our packing list will be up soon so stay tuned!

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