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DSCF1447About Me:

Hi – I’m Tammy a 28-year-old Zimbabwean with a passion for personal development, learning new things, travel, nature and wildlife.  I think my passions came from my 18 years growing up in Zimbabwe, much of which was spent outdoors, climbing trees, playing sport, or in the bush. It was during these times that I learned so much from my parents who instilled in me this passion for learning.

DSCF1045Everywhere we went I learned about the trees, the flowers, the animals and birds, the bush, the stars, the moon, geography, capitals of the world – you name it – if my dad knew it, he would teach it! He taught me to notice things around me and to appreciate things. He would teach me in a way that I would learn to associate it with something so those lessons are deeply ingrained in my mind for me to pass on to my children one day.




My Sister Kirsten, my mum Christine and Moi.

My mum was my comfort. So loving, caring and selfless – doing anything for her kids, she taught me how to be grateful, accepting and to try see the good in everyone and every circumstance not matter what. I feel so grateful and so privileged to have grown up with such amazing parents and for all they have taught me! So this blog is dedicated to them – I’d like to make a difference in the world like they made a difference in mine! I would like to pass on inspirational and life-changing lessons and experiences to you through my travels like they did for me growing up!

Okay Tammy, we know a bit about you– What about Following the sunshine?

logo.pngMy blog, Following The Sunshine is all about mine and my boyfriend Matt’s life-changing experiences as we follow the sunshine around the world! We are literally following the sunshine, that is our route around the world 🙂 after living in the UK for 8 years we need it!

I loved the name following the sunshine because; sunshine makes me think of happiness. Although I fully believe happiness is not something to be searched for or found in things, its something you can create at any moment in time by opening your eyes to what’s around you and being truly grateful for what you have.


DSCF2548Although life-changing travel experiences may be different for different people, you can have so many more of them if your intention is so. Whether it’s watching breath-taking sunset, the genuine smile of a local, tasting something you have never tasted before, a delicious meal where the flavours explode in your mouth, the exhilarating experience of learning something new like windsurfing, skiing or a learning a new language… inspirational and life changing experiences are all around us every day but we need to open our eyes, minds and hearts and be present to experience them or you will miss them and they will pass and be left for someone else to experience.

So I am embarking on a one year self-discovery project, so that through travelling on purpose, with the right intentions of being present and open minded I hope to make the most of each moment, situation and circumstance and through that I can discover more about myself, share the experiences with you and hopefully you too will be inspired. PLUS there are just so many AMAZING places out there and through my destination guides you can find them too.

My hope is that through my experiences you will be inspired to follow your sunshine, to discover more about yourself, others and the world whether that’s through travel or any other means to learn and make the most out of each and everyday and share it with others as I’m sharing with you!

So now that you know about me and my blog, I want to introduce you to one very special guy…

DSCF2622Meet Matt. Matt Godsall, 30 blonde, blue eyed and super cute, is my boyfriend of 2 years and my travel buddy! I am sure you will see him crop up in this blog at some point as he will no doubt be in 100s of photos and of course I might write the odd blog post about him – shushhhh though, he wont like that!






So that’s us, 1 inspired, overly-optimistic, personal development junkie, crazy about nature and animals and 1 handsome, smart beach bum, travelling the world to inspire YOU!


So why did we leave London you ask?

Sometimes in life when everything is going well and your happy and comfortable you gotta pull the rug from under your feet, get out of your comfort zone and go and do something different!

I had an awesome job that I loved, working with amazing people at award winning, Stella & Dot in London as Training & Communications Manager as well as a Stylist – (YES the jewellery is amazing, check it out here www.stelladot.co.uk) and Matt worked in Finance in London, we have lots of friends, a lovely flat and genuinely enjoy it, however we’re not getting any younger and you know the time is right when you want a dog, your friends are having babies and you have your whole wedding planned in your head, even though there is no proposal, it’s the way us girls are haha…its time to hit the road before we settle down 🙂

So yes although it seems crazy to some to pack up a great job and lifestyle to take a year off to travel the world, I know that no matter what I do in life – I will do well and I will be happy because I believe success and happiness are a state of mind and a choice – so great jobs and careers will always be there when I get back and the experience I have along the way will be invaluable!

I hope you enjoy reading my blog and visiting my website and if can do anything to improve it or add anything you’d love to know, please let me know.

Until next time,

Travel & Inspire

Tammy xox


17 comments on “About Me

  1. Hi Tammy, you are an inspiration to all young people wanting to better their life experiences. good luck and happy landings. Uncle Roy

  2. Hi Tammy, I am all signed up to receive updates from your blog as I believe you truly are an inspiration to us S&D Stylists. Have a safe trip and I’m looking forward to you achieving all on your bucket list. Bon Voyage and God bless!
    With Love,

  3. ….that’s definitely not the Matt I know… 😉 … have a fantastic time guys, looking forward to seeing you in Orlando next September!xx

  4. Dear Tammy, We have just returned from our awesome trip to know you are on your way. Enjoy ~ you are 2 very special people ~ go out and follow the sun! Love, Gilly & Tony

  5. Am so proud of you my darling. I know that you will achieve your happiness and goals and inspire a lot of people on the way. Will follow you with much interest as I think a lot of others will do. Enjoy the experience and soak up every little adventure and pass on your insights which you do so well. I am sure we can learn a lot of lessons along the way. Your true Zimbabwean hospitality will take you a long way. Be good to yourself and to others. lots of love and happiness on your travels. Mom

  6. Tammy. I love this. Thankyou for taking the time to write about and share your personal experience. Il keep reading. As long as I’ve known you you have always sent long emails describing things in detail so that we could all feel the experience as much as you did. I’m so glad you have finally blogged it all together. You are a natural born blogger 🙂 love you, enjoy the trip. And don’t stop reminding people to keep present, it’s the best advice you can ever give anyone x

    • Ah Pepe, it was so nice to meet you too! I hope you’re enjoying the rest of your travels and we will follow your blog for some inspiration. Perhaps our paths will cross again sometime. All the best.

  7. Hello Tammy. Love your blog!
    I happen to find it by accident while doing some research at my job, about The Galapagos. I work as an International Banker in Miami, and like you, my wife, our son and I love and enjoy traveling. Wish I had known you when you were in Miami. We would have love to show you around.
    I wish you lots of continued success in your travels and a happy, happy life!
    Happy travels,

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